Monsters, gore and a kick-ass action hero. The trilogy begins . . .

It’s 1983 and Katrina Robbins’s life is in tatters. Once a respected scuba diver, she now works on board a rusting icebreaker in the Arctic Circle. The crew are misfits with despicable secrets. Her captain is scheming his way through the Cold War.

It’s what I deserve, Kat thought. After what I’ve done.

She yanked the strap on her diving belt, stared ahead, and tried to forget. But clawing nightmares had followed in the ship’s wake, crawled up the hull in the dead of night, slunk into her cabin while she slept. And something else stirred on the horizon. A grotesque evil of devastating design ready to exploit unexplained accidents on board the ship.

Entwining classic horror with fast-paced action, HUNTED introduces Katrina as a feisty, yet damaged hero. She has the inner anger to fight, the will, and the courage. But facing Kat is the Abarath. And it’s coming. And there’s no escape.

Early praise for HUNTED

“Yes! Yes! Yes! THIS is how you write a great horror story! Your imagination kicks into overdrive from the first chapter- being in complete darkness with just a small light and a Great White shark to being in dark, frigid waters with a blood-thirsty unknown beast! The characters are well developed and the situations are easily seen in the minds eye. Gory, gut-wrenching, panic and trepidation stays throughout the entire tale from start to finish. I can’t wait to dive into book 2!.” — Rebecca S

“All my life my Number One criterion for Horror has been Implacability: No Escape. No Avoidance. No Postponement. Your Number is Up and Your Time is Gone. You, Vulnerable Mortal, are History.
So when the tagline for HUNTED (Book One of the Abarath Chronicles caught my eye:
of course there was no longer any possibility of escape for me. Lyrical literate Horror with an incredible protagonist, for goodness’ sake a FECKLESS FEMALE HERO, one who has suffered, failed, persevered, racked with Nightmares and Guilt, and she’s battling Herself, Man, Memory, Nature, IN THE ARCTIC CIRCLE!! I am SO there.” – Haunted Reader

“Hunted hits all the major beats of an excellent monster story. Its characters are as compelling as they are deserving of their fates at the teeth of a haunting, original, and–above all–believable monster. The environment is more than just a setting, twisting and shaping the narrative circumstances for an isolated, and rapidly depleting cast of characters. It’s a story that captivates from beginning to end without losing steam, with thoughtful plot points and masterful pacing. This is an expertly written addition to the monster novel genre.” – Johnathon R Parry

“The descriptions were chilling and made me look over my shoulder more times than I would like to confess. I hated the jump scares, but they made the reading experience incredible. I would highly recommend this novel to anyone who loves to read horror!” Readers’ Favorite

“Dawes doesn’t need your imagination – he has his own fiendish thoughts that allow full, explicit, gut-wrenching, narrative descriptions of his flawed character’s painful demises. Just when you think it couldn’t get more excruciatingly gory – it does.” — M. Todd, author of Chains

Quotes from Hunted

“Hunched over, its shutter eyes blinked. Jaws cantilevered away from its flattened face, demonstrating the ingenious evolution of evil.”

“Tor stopped walking. ‘I’m sure I have nightmares. I just don’t remember them.”

“In seconds the trickles had turned to rivulets, each red line running a race against the other. Meandering through the grooves of her wrinkled skin, slowed by puckered lips, the winner reaching her haired chin then it dropped into her lap. A single red dot, followed by another, then another, till her pinafore dress became patterned with bright red poppies.”

“Do bones sink or float? Kat suddenly wondered.”

“She turned to leave and her mirrored reflection turned too. She saw it out of the corner of her eye, moving when she moved.”



Every beast needs prey . . .

The gruesome horror continues in Damian Dawes’s second novel in the ABARATH Trilogy.

Something terrible had happened to the bleak mining island of Ostenharth in the Arctic Circle. Along the shore, it reeked of the decomposing dead, echoed as the stranded dying wailed in pain. Only a few inhabitants remained, unaware of what was coming – not a single beast seeking the sweetbread of human brain, plump hearts and spongy lungs – but a new creature, with its mammalian pouch protecting its sweaty cluster of new-borns.

As it crawled from the icy water, blood wept from its burn wounds, skin slid off its flanks, but still it salivated. Fibrous strings of spittle hung from its teeth, and those teeth chattered in anticipation of biting – the island’s few inhabitants needed to hide as quickly as they could.

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She called them, and they came . .

and any humans they encountered became sustenance. Those who believed evil could be expelled, cast away by spells, exorcised by the word of the Lord.

Damian Dawes’s horrific creation returns in this dramatic finale to The Abarath Trilogy

Adam Fairfax is a barber surgeon on board a missionary expedition to Greenland. Blown off course, the ship, the Katherine Grace ends up in the windswept archipelagos of the Arctic Circle. Already exhausted, the crew find themselves trapped in a mysterious land where the daylight blinds and the dark nights make skin crawl in every direction.

And the dark arts of pagan witches already blackened the landscape. Creatures, more terrifying than any scribed demon, now roam the windswept landscape. Soon the Arctic tundra becomes a place of death and holy damnation, leaving Adam fighting not just the creatures, but the evil residing in human souls.

Origins serves up the barbaric practices of medieval life with unrelenting brutality. Disturbingly graphic, Damian Dawes ends this trilogy in a non-stop flurry of horrific action.

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